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Welcome to the astrophotography corner of my personal web site. Here you'll find my photos of astronomical objects ranging from nearby subjects such as meteors, the moon, planets, and the sun, to distant objects such as gas and dust clouds and star clusters inside our galaxy, to galaxies outside our own Milky Way galaxy. My special interests are wide-field photos (as opposed to highly magnified views such as from the Hubble telescope), and especially of challenging transient targets such as meteors, comets, and eclipses.
I welcome any questions or comments you care to send, especially if you are also interested in astrophotography. I hope the technical info I have on the site will aid and encourage your own astrophotography efforts.

Partial Lunar Eclipse Simeis 147
Partial Lunar Eclipse
18-19 Nov. 2021


Horse Head & Flame Nebula California Nebula
Horse Head & Flame Nebulae
14 Nov. 2021
California Nebula
21 Nov. 2021
H-alpha shots under moonlight.




M78 NGC 1333 Helix Nebula
9 Oct. 2021
NGC 1333 (Perseus)
9 Oct. 2021
Helix Nebula (Aquarius)
9 Oct. 2021


IC59 & IC63 Pleiades SpaceX Starlink Launch
IC59 & IC63
11 Sept. 2021
M45 (Pleiades)
11 Sept. 2021
SpaceX Starlink Launch
13 Sept. 2021


Jupiter & Ganymede Saturn Jupiter & Io
Jupiter & Ganymede
5 Sept. 2021
5 Sept. 2021
Jupiter & Io
11 Sept. 2021


IC1396 IC59 & IC63
4 Sept. 2021
IC59 & IC63
5 Sept. 2021


Jupiter-Saturn Perseid Meteors Pelican Nebula
Jupiter & Saturn
7 Aug. 2021
Perseid Meteor Shower
11 Aug. 2021
Pelican Nebula
14 Aug. 2021










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