Scope Diagram Astrocamera.Net - Astrophotography by Dave Kodama

Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse -

20 May 2012

Annular solar eclipse

May 20th finally brought a solar eclipse within driving distance of us, making for a relatively "relaxed" expedition - just throw everything into the car rather than the usual careful packing of 75 pounds of camera and telescope equipment and clothes into two suitcases.

Although months ago, we narrowed our choice down to the general location in the Nevada desert east of Reno, our final location choice was made at the last minute to take the weather outlook into account. Despite our seemingly remote location, our little mini-expedition of Orange County Astronomers members still ran into some familiar faces.

Despite some light clouds, we successfully imaged the eclipse telescopically as well as via pinhole images (click on the images at right and below).

Pinhole image
Pinhole Images

Time-lapse Videos:

Full Eclipse Sequence

Detail Eclipse Sequence
(Contact 2 to 3)

Pinhole Image Changes

  2nd Contact
2nd contact
Eclipse midpoint
3rd Contact
3rd Contact