Scope Diagram

  Kodak Ektar 100 Film Test



More Notes


[Feb. 2009] Here are the results of testing a roll of the newly released Kodak Ektar 100. My primary interest is for use at the upcoming 2009 solar eclipse. The daylight photos are included as color references. The solar image was taken using a Thousand Oaks solar filter which gives the sunlight an orange tint. All frames shown were processed identically (and simultaneously) in Photoshop for color balancing, contrast adjustment. The long exposure night-sky shots were taken with a 50mm lens at f/4.

My take on the film for long exposure astrophotography is that it does not pass the H-alpha test. Like most films currently available, it is weak in recording the H-alpha line which is important for recording nebulosity. Reciprocity failure seems to be acceptable, and color shift is minimal, which is better than many other color negative films.

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