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IC59 & IC63 in Cassiopeia

IC 59 and IC63 (enlarged below) are two "ghostly" nebulae in Cassiopeia near the bright star Caph in the middle of the "W" asterism.

This is a re-shoot of the same area using an HEUIB II (H-alpha Enhanced UV/IR Blocking) filter instead of the NGS1 filter used on 5 Sept. The NGS1 light pollution filter allows for longer exposures and elimination of gradients due to light pollution, but bright stars show reflection disks. Overall, processing of shots with the NGS1 (LPS-D3) filter is easier due to the elimination of light pollution.

Photo info
  • Date/Time: 11 Sept. 2021
  • Location: Vanishing Point Observatory
  • Camera: Canon RP (Hutech modified)
  • Exposure: 60 x 2 min.
  • Lens/Scope: Borg 107FL F3.9
  • Filter: IDAS HEUIB II (H-alpha Enhanced UV/IR Blocking)
  • Mount: Losmandy Titan
  • Guiding: Borg 45ED / SBIG STV
  • Image Processing: Nebulosity / Lightroom