Scope Diagram Astrocamera.Net - Astrophotography by Dave Kodama

The Crab Nebula (M1)


This was a bit of an extreme test for this evening's imaging. Using the IDAS dual narrowband filter (NBX) I shot the Crab Nebula (M1) with an Astro Physics 155 refractor.

The Moon was 2-days from full, about 30° from the Crab Nebula, and the sky seemed a bit hazy, probably due to the current Santa Ana wind conditions. The breeze also caused the loss of about 20% of the frames shot. Despite the obstacles, I was glad to not come back empty-handed.

Photo info
  • Date/Time: 28 Nov. 2020
  • Location: Vanishing Point Observatory
  • Camera: Hutech modified Canon RP @ ISO 1600
  • Exposure: 57 x 4 minutes
  • Lens/Scope: AP 155 with AP medium format flattener
  • Filter: IDAS NBX
  • Mount: Losmandy Titan
  • Guiding: SBIG STV / Borg 45ED
  • Image Processing: Nebulosity / Lightroom