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Comet 46P/Wirtanen

8 Dec. 2018

On this evening, about a week before closest approach to us (16 Dec,), Comet 46P is visible in binoculars and photos, but as not much more than a fuzzy ball (no tail). Light clouds and numerous satellites (probably mostly geosynchronous) are also visible in this time-lapse sequence spanning 27 minutes. A higher magnification view can be seen here.

Photo info
  • Date/Time: 8 Dec. 2018 19:33-20:00 PST
  • Location: Vanishing Point Observatory
  • Camera: Nikon D850 @ ISO 3200
  • Exposure: 30 sec.
  • Scope: Nikon 180mm, f/2.8
  • Mount: Losmandy Titan
  • Location: Vanishing Point Observatory
  • Image Processing: Lightroom