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Solar Eclipse
21 Aug. 2017


The telescopic setup for the eclipse images consisted of:
  • Borg 100ED with 1.04x field flattener
    (effective focal length ~650mm)
  • Hutech Hinode solar autoguider
  • Losmandy GM8 (non-go-to) equatorial mount
  • Thousand Oaks glass solar filter
  • Nikon D600 full-frame camera @ ISO 100
  • Promote Systems camera controller
  • 12V gel-cell battery, kept charged by the solar panel


Partial phase and 2nd contact photos were taken at 1/1000 sec.

Coronal composites were created from a 12-stop bracketed sequence taken at mid-eclipse, starting from 1/1000 sec., up to 2 sec. Processing was done with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Frames were aligned manually using Regulus as the reference point, and combined using the Smart Object Mean Stack method described in this YouTube video.

The 360° video was shot with a Vuze VR camera.

The pinhole projection setup is described with the pinhole photos.