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Eclipse 2017 - Pinhole Projection Images

It has now become "traditional" for Jean to create a pinhole projection pattern (and increasingly elaborate setup!) and this eclipse was no exception.

For the 2017 eclipse, she took a sequence of images every few minutes to capture all of the partial phase, with a clock/thermomenter in the photo. These images were then assembled into a timelapse sequence.
Note: the crescent "flips" direction after totality.


The pinhole projection setup consists of an aluminum frame holding the projection screen and clock/thermomenter at the bottom, and the pinhole pattern and camera (under blue fabric cover) on the top end.

The temperatures recorded in the images were graphed below, showing a drop from 79°F down to 63°F during the course of the eclipse.

Below a wider view of the pinhole camera's shows the projected pattern, time, and temperature. A telescopic view of the partial eclipse progress has also been inserted into the photo sequence.

If you've spotted a cork on the ground to the left of the projection screen, your eyes are not deceiving you. It's a cork from a champagne bottle opened by our fellow eclipse chasers!