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Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) - 26 Dec. 2014

Comet Lovejoy

Just as 2014 started, it ended with a Comet Lovejoy in the sky. Except that this one is a different Comet Lovejoy (discovered by the same southern hemisphere amateur astronomer, Terry Lovejoy). This one is designated C/2014 Q2. The one that started the year was C/2013 R2. This one appears low in the sky in this shot, having just recently become visible from California.

time-lapse video of the comet motion over a span of 1-1/2 hours.
  • Camera: Nikon D600
  • Exposure: 4 x 30 sec. @ ISO 6400
  • Telescope: AP155EDF with Borg 1.04x flattener
  • Mount: Losmandy Titan 50
  • Guider: SBIG ST-V guiding on comet