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Mauna Kea
02-03 Aug. 2014

Mauna Kea Observatories (small)

This view, spanning about 180°, shows all of the observatories on Mauna Kea as of August 2014. Keck I is using a laser guide star for high-resolution imaging of the galactic core.

See also: Large Panoramic View and an Interactive 360° view. Note: Due to the large file size, the interactive panorama is not recommended for cell phone connections.

From left to right,
   Observatory     Primary
CSO Caltech Submillimeter Observatory 10.4m
JCMT James Clerk Maxwell Telescope 15m
SMA Submillimeter Array 8 x 6m
Subaru Observatory 8.2m
Keck Observatories 2 x 10m, segmented
IRTF NASA Infrared Telescope Facility 3m
CFHT Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope 3.6m
Gemini North Telescope 8.2m
UH88 University of Hawaii 88" Telescope 2.2m
UKIRT United Kingdom Infrared Telescope 3.8m
UH Hilo Educational Telescope 0.6m
Despite the presence of some clouds near the horizon, the clarity of the air is shown by the fact that the Milky Way is clearly visible despite the presence of a 1st quarter moon, hidden behind the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory building.