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Summer Milky Way Rising
Panorama - 14 Apr. 2013

14 Apr. 2013 ~02:45 / Nikon D600, ISO 1600 / Sigma 15mm @ f/2.8 / 30 sec. / 10 frames

For the past few months, I've been experimenting with creating 360°x180° panoramas of the night sky. This is my latest attempt at creating a "photosphere," this time by mounting the panoramic head setup on a tracking mount. Zoom in and look along the horizon towards the west (above the car) and to the southwest (between the southern end of the Milky Way and the observatory building) to see the layer of fog beginning to come in. After being completely clear all night, the fog rolled in 5 minutes after the last frame for this panorama was taken (3AM), completely enveloping the site for the rest of the night.

To see the interactive panoramic version (Flash/HTML5), click on the image above, or use this link: It is also here as a photosphere for Google+ members.