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Expedition: Northern Lights


Aurora time-lapse correlated with the POES (Polar Operational Environmental Satellite) auroral oval plot. Time-lapse clip sequences were shot from 14-17 Dec. 2012 from Abisko, Sweden. The span of clips cover virtually the entire time of our stay in Abisko and give you a good idea of the amount of cloud cover we had to deal with. On the first half of the first night (Dec. 13), which is not shown, we had snow showers, wind, and an overcast sky. Subsequent nights were calm and had periods of clear sky. Temperatures were in the 25°F range.
Sweden is at about the the 3 o'clock position of the auroral oval plot, at the edge or within the auroral oval. The diagonal line crossing the auroral oval plot is the path of the satellite. Intensity of the aurora is indicated by the thickness of the oval as well as the color shown (red is intense auroral activity).
The POES photos are supplied by NASA about every 1-3/4 hours, which is the time taken by the satellite to make another pass over the pole. A brief time-lapse video clip corresponding to the time of the auroral plot is shown except when no photos were taken (e.g. during the day). The red arrow on the polar plot shows the direction of the sun (i.e. where it is noon on the earth).
When the main time-lapse video is blacked out, this indicates that no time-lapse frames were shot as it was during the day, or we were doing something else such as snowmobiling or having meals.
For best viewing, change the quality to 1080p HD and enlarge the video to full-screen if your computer can manage it.