Scope Diagram Astrocamera.Net - Astrophotography by Dave Kodama

Total Solar Eclipse (3/29/2006)


Some of the interesting effects visible during the partial phases of the eclipse are shown at left.

In the upper image at left, a pattern of (round) holes was punched into aluminum foil stretched over a wire hanger.  The partially eclipsed sun then projects little images of the crescent sun in the pattern of the design. These are often seen naturally created by the leaves of a tree, but at the eclipse site south of Jalu, Libya, there was not a tree (or any plant) to be seen out to the horizon, so Jean created a pattern which included a fencing mask for her kendo dojo students back home.

The image at lower left shows another effect seen during a partial eclipse.  The left edge of the shadow is fuzzy, while the right side is relatively sharp.  The extra fuzziness on the left is caused by the tips of the crescents of the partially eclipsed sun -- two point sources are casting shadows on the eclipsed side of the almost blocked sun. On the right side, when the sun is covered by the object casting the shadow, one point source from the uneclipsed side of the sun is the last bit visible.

Note that neither of these effects require you to be at a total eclipse of the sun.