3/29-3/31/2003 -- Portal, AZ

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These photos were taken on a "field trip" of the AstroImage group of the Orange County Astronomers to the the site (under development) of the Arizona Sky Village. Thanks to Greg Pyros for organizing the trip and to Jack & Alice Newton for hosting us!

Most of my photos on this trip were of low southern sky objects since I was trying to take advantage of the lack of city light domes and a relatively clear southern view (compared to the OCA's Anza site), plus the slightly lower latitude of this location.

I also have some Daytime Photos of the trip and below are links to some photos by other who were on the trip:

  Ophiuchus-Scorpius Region

  IC4628 in the Tail of Scorpius

  Vela Supernova Remnant & Vicinity

  Seagull Nebula (IC2177)

  Comet C/2001 RX14 (LINEAR)

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