Scope Diagram Astrocamera.Net - Astrophotography by Dave Kodama

M46 & M47

M46 is the prominent cluster to the East (left), and M47 is to the West. The less obvious cluster NNE of M47 is designated NGC 2423.
Conditions were very windy and cold (~25°F).

Photo info
  • Date/Time: 15 Dec. 2001
  • Location: Vanishing Point Observatory (OCA Anza Site)
  • Lens/Scope: Borg 100ED @ F6.4
  • Camera: Planet Town 6x7 Vacuum Astrocamera
  • Exposure: 1 x 30 min.
  • Film: Kodak E200 (+2 push)
  • Mount: Losmandy G11
  • Guiding: SBIG STV / Borg 76ED @ F6.6
  • Image Processing: Photoshop