Scope Diagram Astrocamera.Net - Astrophotography by Dave Kodama

Star Trails over the Big Island

This is a view from Haleakala on Maui (~10,000 ft. elevation) looking southwest towards the island of Hawaii (the "Big Island"). The dark shape of the island appears to meet the softly illuminated ocean in front, but this boundary is actually a layer of clouds lit by lights along the shoreline below.

Why is the sky brown? Something seemed to be in the air, affecting clarity even visually. It also doesn't help that this view is looking through a lot of atmosphere. The peak of Mauna Loa (nearest center) is 13,333 ft. high and about 100 miles away. Mauna Kea is at the left edge (13,796 ft. high).

Photo info
  • Date/Time: 3/27/2001
  • Location: Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii
  • Camera: Pentax 67
  • Exposure: 75 minutes
  • Lens/Scope: Pentax 75mm @ f/6
  • Film: Kodak E200 (+2 push)
  • Mount: -
  • Guiding: -
  • Image Processing: Photoshop