Alternative Mounts for Wide Field Astrophotography

Some other alternatives for wide-field astrophotography tracker drives include the home-made "barn door" tracker, which in its most basic form, is human powered (you must turn the driving wheel at the correct tracking rate).

Some information for making your own tracker is given on pages 120-121 in Astrophotography for the Amateur by Michael Covington. More can be found in Handbook for Star Trackers by Jim Ballard.

A barndoor tracker by an OCA member.


Byers Cam Trak

Though the Byers Cam Trak is no longer manufactured, second-hand units can sometimes be found for sale in the $350-$700 range, depending on what is included. Complete units includes a custom tripod and 1X polar finder. If the tripod is not included, the basic unit shown at left may be used on a sturdy table. It is not designed to be mounted on a camera tripod.

For more details, see the "Byers Cam Trak Unofficial Manual".

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