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Meteor over Los Angeles

Very lucky circumstances allowed me to capture a very bright meteor on my car's dash-cam as Jean and I were headed home after a trip to Northern Caifornia. Considering that the full moon was out and no star (only Jupiter) was visible to the eye, this was a whopper. Since it appeared straight out my windshield, I saw the entire show of fireworks -- the main body of the meteor was a very intense green. As pieces were shed, they glowed yellow momentarily, leaving a short trail behind. Unfortunately the camera could not adequately capture what we could see by eye. It actually saturated on the bright parts of the meteor, washing out the color we could visually see.

The composite photo below was created by taking the individual frames of the video, aligning them to a distant light, then combining them in Photoshop to show the complete path of the meteor. This creates a photo which looks similar to the "normal" meteor shots I get when I take exposures ranging from 10 to 30 seconds.

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