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Venus-Jupiter Conjunction - 30 June 2015

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction
Venus-Jupiter Conjunction Closeup

I was very doubtful that I would get a chance to see the minimum separation event for this conjunction as the afternoon was overcast with some rain. But a miracle occurred and the clouds cleared out to the west after sunset.

Even so, conditions were not as good as yesterday. I had to shoot through light clouds for this evening, with the result that Venus was embedded in a cocoon of scattered light.

The moons of Jupiter which are visible are (upper left to lower right) Ganymede, Europa, Io, and Callisto.

Wide-angle view:
  • Camera: Fuji X-T1
  • Exposure: 4.5 sec. @ ISO 400
  • Lens: Fuji 18-55mm @ 55mm

Telescopic view:
  • Camera: Nikon D600
  • Exposure: 1/10 sec. @ ISO 1600
  • Telescope: Borg 100ED (f/6.4) + 1.04x flattener
  • Mount: Losmandy GM8