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Broadcasting to the Stars


The view looking up at Cygnus and the Milky Way from the antenna farm next to the Mt. Wilson Observatory is a reminder that our broadcasts are also being sent to the stars. The bubble of our radio transmissions is currently around 100 light-years in radius, plus or minus a few years, depending if you measure from our first dots and dashes or voice transmissions.

The antenna array is the main point for commercial broadcasts covering the Los Angeles Basin. From 1928-1980, Mt. Wilson Observatory was operated in a partnership between the Carnegie Institution and Caltech, but is now operated by the independent Mt. Wilson Institute. Illumination is from the rising nearly full moon as well as the lights of Los Angeles.

Image info: 28 Oct. 2012 / Nikon D700 / ISO 1600 / Sigma 12-24 zoom @ 12mm, f/4.5 / 15 sec.