Venus/Saturn Conjunction - 6/30/2007

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Venus/Saturn Conjunction

This shot shows Venus and Saturn separated by less than a degree. The actual difference in brightness is so great that this shot is a combination of two exposures (1/500 sec. for Venus, and 1/15 sec. to capture details on Saturn).
Date/Time:    30 June 2007
Location: Vanishing Point Observatory (OCA Anza Site)
Scope: AP 155EDF + flattener @ f/7
Mount: Losmandy Titan
Guider: none
Camera: Pentax 67
Film: Fuji Velvia 100 (220), +1 push
Exposure: Composite of 1/500 sec. and 1/15 sec.

Copyright 2007 by David A. Kodama, All Rights Reserved