Scorpius Rising - 6/3/2006

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This was a short test shot taken with a fish-eye 15mm lens on 35mm film with the camera on a fixed tripod.  Scorpius and the Milky Way are rising in the southeast with the 1st quarter moon still in the opposite side of the sky.  Some of the other observatories on the OCA's Anza site are visible to the left.
Date/Time:    3 June 2006
Location: OCA Anza Site
Scope: 15mm f/2.8 Sigma Fish-eye lens @ f/2.8
Mount: Fixed tripod
Guider: none
Film: Kodak E200 (35mm), pushed 1 stop
Exposure: 60 sec.

Copyright 2006 by David A. Kodama, All Rights Reserved