Comet P/73 Schwassmann-Wachmann  (4/30/2006)

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Click on image to see full 4x5 frame.

M13Comet P/73 Schwassmann-Wachman is a periodic comet which has been actively fragmenting on this approach to the sun. 

Captured here are 4 pieces, designated (from left to right) as C, B, G, and R, with G and R barely visible as faint streaks.  The exposure was tracked on the stars rather than the comet, so the comet pieces are smeared into streaks due to their motion over the 30 minute exposure.    

Magnitudes and size predictions for the comet pieces were:

Component Magnitude Size
B 7.5 5.9'
C 7.6 5.9'
G 11.7 2.4'
R 13.7 23"



Date/Time:    30 Aprr. 2006 / 02:04 PDT
Location: OCA Anza site
Scope: Borg 125EDF2.8 @ f/3.3
Mount: Losmandy G11
Guider: SBIG STV / Borg 45ED
Film: Kodak E100S (4x5), +1 push
Exposure: 30 min.


Globular cluster M13 and the galaxy NGC6207 (enlarged at left) can also be seen in the upper left corner of the full frame.

Below, the section of the photo containing the comet fragments has been rotated and cropped for more convenient high res viewing.

Click on the image above to see a higher res version.

Copyright 2006 by David A. Kodama, All Rights Reserved