Comet C/2006A1 (Pojmanski) - 2/25/2006

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Comet C/2006A1 (Pojmanski) has been putting on a good show southern hemisphere and is now becoming visible to us. This is a quick shot squeezed in between the glare of Venus, the waning moon, light clouds and the approaching sunrise. Put your mouse over the photo to see an enlarged and contrast enhanced view of the comet.
Date/Time:    25 Feb. 2006 / 05:09 PST
Location: OCA Anza Site
Scope: Borg 125EDF2.8 @ f/3.3
Mount: Losmandy G11
Guider: none
Film: Kodak E200 (220)
Exposure: 5 minutes

Copyright 2006 by David A. Kodama, All Rights Reserved