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Taking all the equipment to do daytime photography, solar astrophotography, and night-time astrophotography on film, video, and digital media was not a trivial matter, but fortunately a significant part of the equipment served at least double duty...
  • 3 Scopes (Borg 100ED, 76ED, 45ED)
  • 50mm finder scope with "red-dot" finder
  • Nikon 35-70 zoom, 70-210 zoom, 2x teleconverter, Pentax 105mm (medium format) lens
  • SBIG STV autoguider
  • 5 Cameras (2x Nikon 35mm, Sony D8 camcorder, Sony 5M pixel digital camera, Planet Town 6x7 vacuum back and vacuum pump)
  • 2 Bogen tripods
  • Hutech alt-az head with electric slow motion
  • Kenko equatorial tracker
  • Bright Star Atlas and Sky Atlas 2000 star charts
  • Magellan GPS receiver
  • Medium format film, 35mm film, D8 video tape, Memory sticks, 20GB hard disk
  • Batteries, chargers, power cords
The following pieces of equipment were not taken and instead were borrowed from Greg Buchwald, who was also traveling with our group. He had stored equipment in Namibia while on a previous trip. Not pictured were clothes (including cold weather gear) and other luggage!
  • 12VDC power supply (220VAC source)
  • Losmandy G11 / Gemini mount and counterweights
The borrowed equipment saved an estimated 100 lbs of additional luggage. I am very grateful to Greg for allowing me to use his mount.