Non-Perseid (Delta Aquarid) Meteor

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My intention was to go out and capture bright Perseid meteors near the predicted height of the shower (Aug 12). But low Perseid activity and apparently high Delta Aquarid shower activity combined for a yield of zero Perseids captured, while two apparent Delta Aquarids (and four airplanes) were captured on the 18 total frames.

Normally meteor trails fade in and out gradually (see some recent Leonid meteors). This Delta Aquarid appears to have been a bolide (a meteor which terminates in a bright flash - presumably an explosion).

The constellation Cassiopeia is outlined for reference. An airplane trail crosses the lower left of the frame.

  Technical data:
Date:   10 Aug. 2002
Lens: Pentax 75mm @ f/4.5 (wide open)
Mount: Kenko Skymemo
Guider: None
Camera: Pentax 67 with vacuum hold
Film: Kodak PMZ 1000 (220 format)
Exposure: 15 minutes

Copyright 2002 by David A. Kodama, All Rights Reserved